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Sweet Life Co.

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Behind the brand
Mother by day, baker by night. Im a South African living in the South of France with my partner and our two sons. After having my boys I decided to follow a passion of mine. Many youtube videos later I made my first set of cookies - and the rest is history. Cookies are a labor of love, but I love every minute of it. My clients are the best and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store!
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Each cookie is hand made every step of the way.  I hand cut or print my own cutters for majority of the cookies. The ingredients used are of the best quality - taste and texture being top of my priority list. Royal icing is used to decorate the cookies, and the recipe is a hybrid - meaning it has a softer bite once dry. Once the cookies are done and had enough time to dry, they are individually packaged into heat sealed plastic pouches, keeping fresh for 4/6 weeks (at room temperature). They can be put in a freezer for a few months, but not advised to be put in the fridge- as the icing will melt and smudge once taken out.

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